Founded in 2001, Compañeros Inc is a private social enterprise legally registered in Canada and Nicaragua. It is dedicated to organizing respectful volunteer service and cross-cultural learning programs resulting in the development of better communities in Canada, the United States, and Nicaragua.

With its proven track record of leveraging capital and catalysing volunteers, local labour, individual and corporate contributors, civic agencies, and academic institutions, Compañeros effectively brings diverse people together to experience mutually beneficial educational programs and community development projects.


Gonzalo Duarte   |   Executive Director

Gonzalo Duarte Originally from Toronto, Gonzalo Duarte earned his Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Carleton University and his Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University. His research on global service learning distinguishes ‘mutual private benefit’ from ‘reciprocal public benefit’ and outlines a framework of best practices for sponsoring, intermediary, and host community organizations. As Executive Director of Compañeros Inc | Global X Change he enjoys raising local and global citizenship, equity, and inclusion; assembling partnerships, resources, and knowledge networks; and, improving community education, health, housing, and water conditions with Canadian and Nicaraguan stakeholders. Gonzalo is also Manager of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI Annex), a co-working community of practical social entrepreneurs and planet-friendly people in Toronto.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gonzaloduarte — Centre for Social Innovation: http://www.socialinnovation.ca

Ivette Fonseca   |   Advisor

Ivette FonsecaWith a Master’s in Sociology from Universite de Louvain-la-Neuve and 20+ years experience working with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, Save the Children, American Institutes for Research, USAID, IDB, and Plan Canada, Ivette contributes pro bono her child rights and international development expertise to program and project planning. A citizen of Nicaragua and Permanent Resident of Canada, Ivette bridges family, friends, and colleagues in both countries.


ERICA gray   |   Indigenous Program Coordinator

Erica GreyOriginally from Tyendinaga Mohawk First Nation, Erica earned a Bachelor of Humanities from Carleton University, and recently completed the International Development post-graduate certificate program at Humber College. She is interested in international affairs, Indigenous rights, and Truth and Reconciliation. Erica brings experience working in a rural First Nations government and with Indigenous youth in an urban post-secondary education setting.


Oscar Mayorga   |   Program Coordinator

OscarFrom the semi-rural area of Managua known as Ciudad Sandino, Oscar studied Social Work at the University of Central America and graduated in 2006. He has 15 years of experience as a Popular Educator with CANTERA in the areas of gender equity, community development, community organizing, and the promotion of child and youth leadership. He uses theatre of the oppressed methodology and loves teaching guitar and percussion music to children and youth.


Ramiro Ferrey   |   administration Coordinator

Ramiro FerreyOriginally from Managua, Ramiro has been an Accountant since graduating from the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua in 2000. His 14 years’ experience in the private and public sector with PROFYSA, CEI, and NATRAS bringing much needed expertise to our team.






Previous Staff 2004-2016

Program Coordinators:
Kelsie Johnston (Intern), 2016
Kayla Burles (Intern), 2015
Conny Mendez, 2014-15
Gabriela Zuniga, 2014-15
Julieta Rodriguez, 2014
Mayte Crespo, 2011
Martha Bent, 2010-13
Dalena Taylor, 2006-15
Erika Mundel, 2005
Maria Nielsen, 2005
Alvaro Fonseca, 2005
Gloria Carrion, 2004

Communications Coordinators:
Kira Callahan (Intern), 2015
Tupac Espinoza, 2013-14
Dora Haydee, 2011-12

Admin & Office:
Hilda Gonzalez, 2013-15
Leslia Urbina, 2013-14
Lolette Rodriguez, 2010-12

Project Coordinators:
Carlos Delgado, 2017
Casey Garcia (Intern), 2016
Tony Otero, 2015-16
Gema Rodriguez, 2014-15
Karelia Martinez, 2012-14
Carolina Streber, 2010
Tupac Espinoza, 2010
Juan Diego Dias, 2007

Skilled Crew:
Bertha Lopez, Host Families
Martin Fernandez, Transportation
Denis Reyes, Taxi
Gunther Corrales, Security
Darby Lacayo, Interpreter
Gerson Gutierrez, Interpreter
Martha Sobalvarro, Interpreter
Carolina Berry, Interpreter
Javier Picado, Mural Artist
Javier Prado, Mr Everything
Teodoro Castillo, Foreman
Reyna Romero, Labour
Rafael Rodriguez, Labour
Marlon Chavez, Labour
Martha Hernandez, Cook
Esperanza Velasquez, Cook
Teodora Lopez, Cook
Karen Espinoza, Cook
Lola Sanchez, Cook