As a social enterprise registered in Canada and Nicaragua, Compañeros Inc raises private funds for public purposes. It is a business that leverages human and financial capital with a variety of stakeholders to voluntarily achieve social goals.

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Thanks to an increasing number of program participants and project contributors, we are able to improve the infrastructure, health, education, and employment conditions of hundreds of people each year. All projects involve local decision-making and close collaboration with Nicaraguan agencies and community development organizations. We welcome new inquiries.

A participant’s program fees covers their accommodation, meal, transportation, excursion, logistical, and overhead expenses while 100% of all project fees and contributions cover the hiring of local skilled labour, purchasing and transporting of materials, as well as equipment, security, meals, training, interpreting, engineering, and overhead expenses related to community projects.

Please consider your following support:

  • $1,600 will construct durable, dry, and dignified housing for a family of 4-6 people.
  • $1,200 will support a student for 1 year and reduce economic pressure on a family.
  • $800 will create a lasting public mural that informs and inspires.
  • $400 will provide classroom resources for teachers and students for 9 months.


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Jessenia Sevilla

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