Host Families

For many participants, one of the most anticipated aspects of their program is living with a Host Family. Compañeros has screened and worked with the same trusted Host Families for years. Between 2-6 participants are placed per home and share meals, bedrooms, and bathrooms.Host Families are contracted to provide each person with safe and comfortable accommodation, meals, water, and cross-cultural contact. All families have previous experience hosting and are supporters of the program and project you are involved in Nicaragua. English speaking skills ranges from none to some.The Host Families are not located in the barrio where the service project takes place.

They are located within blocks of our office, located in a middle-class neighbourhood in the centre of Managua called Los Robles.Click on each Host Family to read their profiles:


Map of Families








You are welcome to bring a small souvenir  and present it to your host family during your stay. Items particular to your geographic area – maple syrup from Ontario, smoked salmon from BC, picture calendars from the Rockies, music from the Maritimes, for example – all go over well. Host Families also appreciate seeing photos of your family, school, workplace, 4 seasons, etc., so feel free to bring and show personalized items, as well.

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