May the Odds Ever be in Your Favor…

Interested in a unique artistic experience after completing your service project?

Enjoy good music?

Want to support our muralistas and help other Nicaraguan students reach their education goal?

The Art Games are a new initiative that Compañeros launched at the beginning of the 2015 service learning season. We typically organise the Art Games on a group’s last evening here Nicaragua and involve Canadian participants, Nicaraguan artists, the housing recipient families from our service project, host families from the community, and, anyone else who is interested in partaking! Talented fine artists are chosen by our muralistas for their skill, experience, and personality. Each artist begins the evening competition knowing that he/she will have 20 minutes to create a masterpiece using just paint, paintbrushes, and a canvass. Once the bell rings the art begins to come alive, excitement in the room grows. Canadian participants socialize with their Nicaraguan friends while enjoying music and voting for their favourite piece of art. Since the Games take place just before participants leave Nicaragua many often have leftover Cordoba’s; ideal for purchasing raffle tickets in hopes of winning their favourite piece of art!

The proceeds from raffle ticket sales go toward both the fine artist contestants and Joanne McWilliam Scholarship Foundation that provides scholarships for Nicaraguan students. Each ticket, typically sold for under $2USD, helps one of six scholarship students buy required text books or pay for tuition.

To date we have raised $1,000 USD through the Art Games and are looking forward to have you and your group participate!


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