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Adequate, safe housing is a prevalent problem in Managua. Lack of financial resources, obstacles to land ownership, limited municipal infrastructure, urban planning policies, a punishing climate, and congestion in the capital city of 1+ million combine to produce significant housing issues.

In some of Managua’s neighborhoods (barrios) families assemble scrap pieces of leftover material (plastic, wood, blocks, cement, zinc, etc) to build provisional or transitional shelters. Electricity is hooked up hazardously and pit latrines dug in lieu of access to waste water systems. In these cases cooking is done over small propane stoves or fire.

Working at times independently, and at times with our local partner organization TECHO, Compañeros has constructed 92 houses to-date providing 450+ people with dry, decent, dignified, and affordable housing.

In 2015, in collaboration with Los Quinchos School, 11 more houses will be independently constructed around the neighborhood of San Judas with the involvement of families whose children are attending school regularly.


Participants will work with the family and a skilled foreman to prepare land, install posts, lay cement floor, erect walls, attach the roof, caulk seams, paint walls, and add finishing details. Each house requires 3-4 volunteers and takes 3-5 days to build.

Participants will supplement the central role of the family and foreman and have opportunities to listen and learn about the daily joys and challenges of a family living in the demanding socio-economic reality of San Judas.


  • To create dry, decent, dignified, and affordable housing with vulnerable residents of San Judas.
  • To work collaboratively with families, local labor, and school teachers to enhance student housing conditions.


  • Improved living conditions for family members and increased connection with Los Quinchos School.
  • Increased cooperation and capacity-building of individuals and organizations.
  • Better understanding by participants of housing issues and socio-economic realities.


New, simple house warming gifts are welcome, such as: basic kitchen supplies, durable tupperware, utensils, plates, towels, light linen, lightweight fabric for curtains.

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