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In the revolutionary period of the 1980s public murals played an important role as forms of art, protest, propaganda, promotion, and literacy in Nicaragua. They also brought visual pleasure to previously colorless or damaged places.

In the post-revolutionary period of the 1990s, many murals were painted over, replaced by advertisements, white-washed by civic authorities, or naturally disintegrated under harsh weather conditions. Nevertheless, mural making is still recognized as a legitimate and vibrant art form; it is not criminalized as is often the case in North America.

In conjunction with muralista Javier Picado and his circle of artists, Compañeros has created 13 murals to-date involving residents, participants, and organizations in the design, drawing, painting, and protection of both oil and brush and spray paint creations.

In 2015, 7 more murals will be produced at Los Quinchos School, at Zaragoza and El Recreo Coffee Farms, and with members of the Nicaraguan Pan Am team incorporating the Faces of the Community stencil-making program undertaken by the Toronto-based nonprofit Mural Routes and the Anglican Church of St Aidan in the Beach.

As well, a series of Art Games involving community members, participants, and local artists will take place in Managua, culminating with a fundraising event in Toronto in July 2015.


Participants will work alongside local artists and residents on surface preparation, design, application, and inauguration of public mural spaces. Each mural requires 2-4 volunteers and takes 3-4 days to complete.


  • To enhance 7 sites with large, colorful, and meaningful murals that reflect and celebrate local culture.
  • To partner with other organizations in Toronto and Managua to incorporate stencil and mural-making forms.
  • To display stencils and mural art in public venues in and around the TO2015 Pan Am Games in July 2015.


  • Enhanced appearance of plain walls and elevated sense of participation and value in mural art.
  • Increased cooperation and capacity of individuals and organizations to achieve shared goals.
  • Positive relationships built between Nicaraguan artists, Pan Am athletes, and Canadian participants

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