‘Quincho Barrilete’

This season Compañeros participants will complete service learning projects at a school located in San Judas called ‘Los Quinchos (translation: The Quinchos School).’ The name of this school comes from a song written by one of Nicaragua’s most popular folklore musicians – Carlos Mejias Godoy. His songs tell stories of the revolution through the eyes of the most innocent and vulnerable. ‘Quincho Barilete’ was written about the plight of a young boy, of the same name, who worked as a street vendor selling pens, chewing gum, and kites that he would sometimes fly in the street. The money he made went toward helping his mother pay for his siblings to attend school. During the most violent days of the revolution in the 1970s, Quincho and many other children were callously murdered by the Somoza guards because they publicly denounced the dictatorship and demanded a better life.


Nicaraguan and international donors have carried on Quincho’s legacy by building a school in honour of him and the other children who were killed while fighting for their rights. Under the context of the National Literacy Crusade in Nicaragua, Los Quinchos School was quickly able to expand to 100 students during the first year. The school provides classes for children both during the day and in the evenings to accommodate the schedules of working children.


Lyrics and music by Carlos Mejias Godoy


 Compañeros staff with Los Quinchos administration and teachers

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