Young Mural Artist Gets His Start With Compañeros

Javier Picado, a talented painter and sketcher, became involved in Compañeros projects in a unique way. In 2009 he was painting graffiti on a downtown street in Managua when Gonzalo Duarte and Ivette Fonseca approached him. At this point in his life Javier was unsure where his skills would take him and if he wanted to continue pursuing a job as an artist. They approached Javier when they saw how talented the young artist was and asked if their daughter, Joanna Perodin, could paint alongside him.

This was the beginning of a mutually beneficial professional relationship for both Compañeros and Javier. For a month Joanna and Javier worked on a variety of murals throughout  Managua and with the well known mural organization FUNARTE. The artist, now an integral member of our staff, regularly takes the lead in developing designs for urban murals, which are executed with local and international participants. He credits Compañeros with motivating him to build organizational and technical skills that have helped him develop as a professional artist.

“Compañeros has helped me grow personally and I want to continue learning more about my community and my ability as an artist. I know that Compañeros programs use art to connect with a community which is important to me.”

Javier would like to own his own art gallery one day and is already working on plans with his friends to make this a reality. Javier is currently fundraising to attend a Mural Routes festival and Compañeros exhibit around the TO 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto



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